nago, a calico cat from the kirby series, peeks above the window
meta knight flying away, puffs of air following him

Hi, I'm Dan. This is my perma-WIP web page.

This site should work on both desktop and mobile!

Link me? 🤞

button that reads 'asteromorph' featuring a golden four-pronged sword over a wavy purple background button that reads 'asteromorph' featuring a golden four-pronged sword over a wavy purple background

 My Neo-Neighbors! Say Hello!
blue button with a little alien on a spaceship that reads 'we're not alone! say hi!' against a starry background grey button with a puppy face wearing a halo that reads 'HIM BARKING' light blue button that reads 'cereal and choccy milk!?' in yellow text button that reads 'confetti guts' in rainbow text with confetti falling around it grey button that reads 'crtscreen' in green text and appears to shut down like you're turning off a tv black button that reads 'salem wasteland' in dancing text over a rainbow stripe button that reads 'fools paradise' over a background of various blues button that reads 'graymin's glyphs' with a magenta waddle doo wearing a witch's hat over a sparkly background blue button that reads 'I WAS A ROB0T' featuring a little guy with a sun head and glasses waving button that reads 'kojou' over a painting of a brown cat and an orange cat sleeping against a blue background button that reads 'magnapina!!' featuring juno, a character with hot pink hair and a small smile button that reads 'mermora!!' with a blue border and a rippling water background button that reads 'olliveen' in rainbow text against a white background covered in green vines button with a crumpled paper texture that reads 'phrogee' in red ink grey button that reads 'roborockett' above neon shapes button that reads 'shiny.exe' in rainbow text with a porygon and mew sprite against a starry background button that has two angelic blue cats embracing over a red background
 Update Log

5/2/24 - two blog posts

4/2/24 - BIRTHDAY UPDATE!!! and general upkeep

2/24/24 - new blog post yippee

2/5/24 - ok i'm tracking blog posts here too. new blog post

10/27/23 - made most pages mobile friendly (theoretically)

10/3/23 - webmaster page re-style

10/2/23 - added site button

9/29/23 - index rework!

9/23/23 - began work on trigun shrine. very slowly

9/7/23 - replaced fred with NAGO!!! lol

9/5/23 - small cosmetic updates to art & sitemap

9/2/23 - navigation is now a corkboard. added simple sitemap

8/31/23 - updated links page. with more links

8/20/23 - added alt text to every page

8/15/23 - began trying to fix the index

8/13/23 - made mobile-friendly versions of (edit: most) every page

8/12/23 - links on index are now buttons & have icons

8/11/23 - proper 'back to home' buttons, background changes

8/9/23 - added blog page, moved shrines to their own page

8/6/23 - added link page & moved documentaries there

7/30/23 - updated meta knight collection & some backgrounds

7/25/23 - got rid of clippy (he was pissing me off)

7/21/23 - minor update to meta knight page and added it to index

7/20/23 - reworked meta knight page

7/18/23 - minor update to hylics page; will add more character thoughts later

7/14/23 - added hylics page

7/13/23 - finally finished about me and added it to index

7/12/23 - more minor stuff

7/11/23 - minor index tweak, started about me page

7/10/23 - started index rework (it will get better..)

7/9/23 - added graphics page

6/26/23 - added concert page

6/23/23 - added T countup

6/22/23 - added music player, meta knight and cat page

6/21/23 - aesthetic changes, added documentary page

6/19/23 - started site, links to tumblr and guestbook, added book page

clay figure of meta knight